Product Info
Color / Ivory
Sizing / ONE SIZE
Material / 100% Freshwater Pearl


※ Made from unplated metal, this product may cause an allergic
reaction in individuals who are sensitive or allergic to metals. Please take note before purchase.
Width 0.2cm / Diameter 1.5cm

The size may differ by 1-2 cm depending on measurement method.
① Store each item in a sealed plastic bag.
② Wipe metal with a flannel cloth to prevent discoloration.
③ Keep away from direct sunlight or fluctuating temperatures.
④ Accessories may discolor from sweat, contact with water or sunlight,
prolonged wear, etc. Exercise caution when wearing/storing.
⑤ Take caution if your skin is sensitive or prone to allergic reactions.
Manufacturer : Nanda Inc. Partners / Country of Manufacture : South Korea / Seller : Nanda Inc. / Date of Manufacture : May 2019
Defective items will be refunded based on the regulations of Korea Fair Trade Commission.
Warranty Manager : Nanda Inc. Customer Service Center (1) 877.708.3574
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