Privacy Policy

■ Items of Personal Information to Be Collected and Methods of Collection

(1) Items of Personal Information to Be Collected

1. The Company collects the following personal information as it is required for sign-up procedures, user consulting, user identification, communication (e.g., delivery and confirmation of notices) and provision of events:

Information collected during sign-up and order process
Classification Collection time Mandatory/optional Items to be collected Purposes Retention period
Member During sign-up Mandatory ID, password, confirmation of password and email address Membership status confirmation, use of service, consultation on service and delivery of announcement Until cancellation of membership
or expiration of statutory retention period
During simplified sign-up Mandatory Facebook: ID and password Simplified log-in through connection with SNS and a third account
When placing orders Mandatory Information on orderer (last name, first name, address, zip code, telephone number, cellphone number and email address) and payment approval information Payment and delivery of products ordered
Non-member Not eligible to place orders

2. The following information may be automatically created and collected when services are used or offered:
- IP address, cookie, history of service use, access log, and date and time of visit

3. When users purchase products or services, the Company may collect the following additional information for payment, delivery of products or refund:
- Payment by credit card: name of credit card company, credit card number and expiration date
- Payment by bank transfer: name of financial company and account number

4. The following information is collected when products are delivered, and services are used:
- Product recipient’s name and service user’s name, mobile phone number, address and other contact information

5. For users subscribing to additional services or joining events, additional information to be collected by the Company is limited to that of the relevant users as follows:
- Additional personal information to be collected will be announced on the websites of the relevant additional services and events.

(2) Methods of Collection

The Company collects personal information as follows:
- Collection from websites, changed membership information, log analysis programs, and cookies

(3) Consent to Collection of Personal Information

- Membership is only allowed for persons aged 14 years or older. The Company established procedures where customers can click on the
“I agree” or “I do not agree” buttons to consent to the terms and conditions of membership, and the content of privacy policies, when signing up for the website.
When customers click on the “I agree” button, they will be deemed to have consented to the collection and use of their personal information.
- The Company may collect and use personal information without consent of users in the following cases:

1. Where the personal information is required to perform an agreement on the provision of information and communications services,
and it is clearly difficult to obtain ordinary consent due to economic or technical reasons
2. Where the personal information is required to charge for the provision of information and communications services
3. Where there is any special provision in the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc. or other laws.

■ Retention/Use Period, and Destruction of Personal Information

(1) Personal information of customers will be destroyed without delay if the purpose of collection and use of personal information is achieved
(e.g., membership cancellation) or at users’ request for consent withdrawal.
However, if it is necessary to retain personal information for a certain period of time to identify transaction-related rights and
obligations based on applicable laws and regulations such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.
as follows, personal information will be retained for such period of time.

A. Article 6 of the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.

- Records on contracts or withdrawal of subscription: five years
- Records on payments and provision of goods: five years
- Records on customer complaints or dispute resolution: three years

B. Article 15-2 of the Protection of Communications Secrets Act

- Records on visits (logs): three months

C. Other applicable laws and regulations

(2) Pursuant to Article 29 (2) of the Network Act, the Company notifies dormant members
(members who have not used services for the last 12 months) of the loss of membership,
and if the dormant members remain unresponsive by the deadline specified in the notification, they may lose their membership.

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